Meredith Finkelstein and I created five robot actors for Heddatron, an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. The play ran from February 8-25, 2006 at HERE Theater.

Global Protest Map
The map displays women's strike activity in factories that produce computer components.

Turntables: Sampling
Turntables: Sampling is a fork and knife music instrument set used to create unexpected auditory dining performances and interventions.

LED Cube
The cube is a prototype for a high-resolution three dimensional tool, which can be used to input a wide range of data types. This piece displays three-dimensionally silhouetted images taken from live video.

Send By Semaphore
An LED screen that displays live video, Send By Semaphore #3 , is an exploration of the way gender detection emerges despite the elimination of detail through low resolution.

Meredith Finkelstein and I have collaborated on interactive, physical sculptures and experiences as part of The Botmatrix, a robotic art collective. Together we conceived of, designed, and built five robots who acted in Heddatron, an off-Broadway musical that ran at HERE Theater in New York City. We have also performed at Ars Nova, Ensemble Studio both in New York City, and on the Jimmy Fallon Show. The Botmatrix organized the annual The Robot Parade, a parade where participants were encouraged to creatively and performatively express themselves through the aesthetics of robotics.


Oral Wiki
The Oral Wiki is a voice app to verbally document cases in informal justice systems.

High Five Workshop
Distance Lab has run two High Five workshops where we taught participants how to build electronic devices that express a high five over a distance. In July 2008 we ran a workshop at Madeira Technopolo and in November 2007 we ran a co-located workshop between Forres, Scotland and Sibiu, Romania.
High Five, Madeira
High Five, Forres & Sibiu


From 2003 to 2007 I worked as an interaction designer in New York City. At the American Museum of Natural History I built interactive exhibits and at R/GA I designed user experiences for websites, digital signage, mobile phones, kiosks, and games.